Tony & Giada,I just wanted to say a huge "thank you" for doing such a beautiful job with the sale and the house. You and your team made everything look terrific, and I am truly impressed by how professional, and pleasant, the process has been. It's been a real joy (and relief) to work with you all. Thanks for making my move this much easier, and very best of luck to you both going forward.
Marti Ferguson, Kenwood, Minneapolis
January 2015
We made a quick decision to permanently relocate to our second home and were lucky to sell our primary house in only two days. But then, we were left with only three weeks before closing to sell 90% of our belongings since we did not need anything in our new house. We quickly interviewed several estate and moving sale companies and it was easy to make a decision. We ask a few important questions about the process, fees, and interaction with us. Interestingly, Tony Nucera, from Park Lane Estate Sales, was the only one who had zero arrogance and honestly and candidly answered the simple question "how do you price the items?". Most everyone simply said "Oh, don't worry, we are the experts, we just KNOW the business and what sells for what." Tony, on the other hand, described his team and the expertise each one has, explained how they research each item in several ways with different websites, and, most importantly for us, how they wanted to work with us to understand the history, provenance, and characteristics of any unusual item. This was clearly important to us and right at that time, we trusted Tony. Tony was also very forthcoming on items that could be difficult to sell (for example, a grand piano), and right away suggested alternative strategies and planned for them (plan B and plan C, as he puts it). Other companies simply said "no problem, we'll find someone who wants it". Well, what if they don't? Park Lane Estate Sales was clearly head and shoulders above the rest in every aspect prior to starting working with them. We made the decision to go with them and everything from that point exceeded our high expectations. A caring team of workers, mostly a family affair, came to our home for several days in the middle of winter, were highly respectful of our schedule, the house, the fact we were still living in it. They smoothly and effectively rearranged everything, asked questions, spent countless hours studying, researching, talking to us. Their combined knowledge ranged from Lego's to Scottish sculptures and studio pieces, from Italian pottery to Persian rugs and German china. You name it, they did not disappoint me. At the end, they priced a lot of things much higher than what I would have done myself, and they did sell.They organized a 2.5-day sale and sold 90% of everything we wanted to sell. During the sale, they sent me updates as I was traveling and did not want to be anywhere close to the sale. They organized for a charity to pick-up everything left over (after we checked whether we wanted to keep anything of what was left). I came back to an empty house in vey good condition. I had a cleaning team do the final touch up the day before closing on the house. Everything went great and on time. Ten days later, as promised by Tony, we had a detailed accounting and a total amount for the sale. This too, completely exceeded our expectations and the total was three times higher than what the "expert" competitors who "knew everything" had estimated. Interestingly, Tony was the only one who honestly said he could not give an estimate on the first visit since he and his team would have to do lots of research given what we had in the house. The other competitors did not hesitate in giving a bold low estimate. As a seller, I can only enthusiastically recommend Tony and his team. They are simply honest, hardworking, knowledgeable, caring, effective professionals and delightful individuals. They love what they do and it shows!
Francois. Edina, MN
April 2013
I have worked with Tony Nucera of Park Lane Estate Sales for a number of years and he has conducted numerous estate sales for me. He has always been very professional and reliable. Tony has extensive knowledge of the estate sale business and has always provided exceptional service. I would recommend Tony with complete confidence in his abilities to handle any sales situation.
Kris. Edina, MN
January 2012
It is my pleasure to enthusiastically recommend and endorse Park Lane Estate and Moving Sales and its founder and president, Tony Nucera.

After the sale of our home, we made a decision to sell all of its contents. In our search for the appropriate person/organization to help us, Tony stood out from the rest. I was impressed with Tony’s response to my initial inquiry. He returned my phone call immediately, and was able to meet personally with me within 24 hours. He arrived at our home at the agreed upon time and shared with me his assessment of what our sale would look like, spoke to the qualifications of his staff, and answered all of my questions regarding his (very impressive) experience and background in the industry. He was able to place in my hands a thorough list of client recommendations which included phone numbers for contact purposes. Another deciding factor for me was that Park Lane has a terrific website which would (and did) showcase our sale beautifully and generate much “pre-sale” interest. There were two more things I learned at that first meeting: Tony loves his work – and he has nothing negative to say about his competition.

Tony and his crew did a remarkable job of organizing and pricing our entire household of furnishings, household items and “STUFF” They did everything exactly within the timeline set. We were actually surprised at their efficiency and expected the preparation time would be much longer. They were respectful, considerate, careful and conscientious. Every one of them has their own special set of skills that contribute to effectiveness in preparing for and executing the sale. We enjoyed having them in our home.

Well worth noting is that Tony and his staff do very comprehensive research. We had some items that required investigation, but after some picture taking, study and reaching out to other “experts” nationwide, he was able to offer us great information to help all of us establish appropriate pricing.

Throughout this experience we learned that Tony is a person of remarkable integrity. Anyone lacking such character could have taken advantage of us. We had an item or two that we learned, following his outstanding research, yielded much more money than we had expected. Frankly, we could have been royally ripped off and we would never have known it.

We had a great sale and although it was a bonanza, Tony kept us apprised of its progress at the end of each day. At its conclusion, we were advised of appropriate services for final “move out”.

And finally, (I’ve since learned that this is critical) we were paid within the exact agreed-upon time frame.

My entire family agrees, Park Lane, Tony and his staff made an otherwise difficult endeavor of rightsizing and moving……..downright fun!

I highly recommend Park Lane! Feel free to contact me with more information or with any questions or concerns you may have.
Kathy and Bill Jerue. Eden Prairie,MN
May 2011